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Our Appliances are Stealing our Energy

Dear Editor:

Keeping the lights on isn’t cheap; and when you add up the energy costs of all my appliances I use when I’m working and studying from home, it’s a lot. Certainly there are ways to save money on utility bills, like fixing leaky faucets, sealing windows and doors, and taking shorter showers. The problem that many consumers like me face is that even when we do our best to conserve, energy is still wasted. The outdated appliances in my home take up considerable amounts of energy – more so than I often realize.

This translates to money down the drain. It’s been over 15 years since New Jersey updated the efficiency standards for these types of appliances, which means the options for things like shower heads that we see on store shelves, aren’t the best for our wallets or the planet.

Fortunately, the Assembly of Telecommunications and Utilities Committee just passed Bill A5160 (DeAngelo), which updates efficiency standards for everyday household appliances. If enacted, this would save $132 million a year for consumers on their monthly utility bills and those savings would continue to increase every year as more people buy and use more efficient appliances. These energy savings would also add up to the equivalent of taking 77,000 cars off the roads – reducing emissions and making our air cleaner to breathe.

We have an opportunity to raise our standards and I hope our New Jersey Assembly members will vote to pass A5160.

Val Cheney, NJPIRG Associate


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