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City council approves redevelopment plans

What's up with the former PDQ Plastics and Rite Aid sites?

A redevelopment plan was approved for the former Rite Aid at the corner of Broadway and West 22nd Street.

The Bayonne City Council has adopted ordinances approving the redevelopment plans for the former sites of PDQ Plastics and Rite Aid.

The council voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance approving the Rite Aid plan.

At its February meeting, the planning board approved the redevelopment plan for the shuttered Rite Aid at West 22nd Street and Broadway that allows for a multifamily residential building. The redevelopment area includes the Rite Aid and two adjacent residences on West 22nd Street. 

The plan allows for live-work units on the ground floor. New to the city, the units may encompass a commercial space on Broadway such as an artist’s studio, with residential space in the back off West 22nd Street. The idea is to maintain a commercial storefront on Broadway despite the plan’s calling for a multifamily residential building.  

The front of the first floor along Broadway would be the work space. To the rear would be a separate residential area. Together, the two spaces are considered one 1,200-square-foot unit. The tenants would not live in the residential units in the floors above it. 

At the council’s April meeting, City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski shared additional details.

The building can be up to seven stories, Ashe-Nadrowski said. On the sixth floor, a setback of eight feet is required. A minimum of 25 percent of the seventh floor must be open space.   

The plan calls for one parking space per studio and one-bedroom units, 1.2 parking spaces per two-bedroom units, and two parking spaces per three-bedroom unit. Ashe-Nadrowski added that there are separate requirements for the commercial space that would be part of the live-work unit. There will be one parking space for every 1,000 square feet. If the space is a restaurant, there must be one parking space for every four seats. 

PDQ Plastics 

The council adopted a plan for the former site of PDQ Plastics at 7 Lower Hook Road.

The council voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance approving the redevelopment plan for PDQ Plastics.

In March, the planning board approved a redevelopment plan for PDQ Plastics at 7 Lower Hook Road. The property is in a heavy industrial area, surrounded by oil storage tanks, in use and abandoned. 

Permitted principal uses include terminal facilities, Flex Space for commercial and light industrial, and a warehouse transload facility. The site has truck and rail access, which makes it ideal for a transload facility for shipping transfers from truck to rail or vice versa. 

The maximum building height is 80 feet, maximum coverage is 75 percent, and maximum lot coverage is 90 percent. A minimum of 10 percent of the redevelopment area must consist of open space and or green or sustainable features.  

A developer would be required to make public improvements, including repaving roadways within the redevelopment area, constructing sidewalks on all street fronts, conducting environmental remediation, constructing site lighting, and handling its own trash and recycling collection. 

Also included is the growing, cultivation and processing of cannabis, strictly subject to city council and planning board approval. 

The property owner and developer Frank Alessi has indicated that he plans to construct a transload facility at the site. But final plans have yet to come before the planning board. 

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