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American Legion POW/MIA Recognition Day for Douglas O’Neill

Dear Editor:

Pilot Douglas Lee O’Neill and four other crewmen were flying between Da Nang and Quang Tri City on April 3, 1972, in South Vietnam, when their helicopter was shot down. It has been 49 years since we last heard from Douglas. He is the only service member from Hudson County listed as an MIA from the Vietnam War.

This is an annual vigil sponsored by The American Legion Bayonne Post 19 Family and will be held on Saturday, May 23rd , next to the 8th street diner, starting at 9:00 AM. The Douglas O’Neill Remembrance Day is for all Veterans and citizens. Over past few years the POW/MIA issue has been kept alive mostly by veterans organizations around the country, we urge all our citizens to join us in remembering Douglas and all the other thousands listed as MIA, who’s families await their return from World War II to present day. We need to remember “When one American Soldier is not worth the effort to be found, then we as Americans have lost”. This Is Our mission, To Make All America Aware That We Still Have Soldiers Missing In Action.

As a Nation, we have always looked to our service men and women as examples of courage and sacrifice; on Sunday, May 23rd we honor and remember one of our own, Douglas O’Neill.

Douglas was a graduate from Bayonne High School class of 1967, we invite all who knew Douglas either through school, family, friends and all our brothers and sisters from all our local veterans posts, to join us in remembering Douglas and praying for the day when he comes home, but let us also not forget all of our brothers who went off to war and never came home who are also listed as POW/MIA. For it is the not knowing that hurts the most. We all wait for that day when we can welcome them all home.

Michael Wilson

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