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Construction to begin on 25th Street pedestrian bridge

The bridge is one of three that cross the Light Rail in Bayonne

A view of the entrance to the pedestrian bridge from Prospect Ave.

Mayor James Davis has announced that work will start in June on replacing the 25th Street Pedestrian Bridge, which enables pedestrians to walk over the railroad tracks that separate Avenue E and Prospect Avenue.

The bridge is one of the crossings over the Light Rail in Bayonne. Others nearby are at 22nd Street and 30th Street.

“The current bridge has needed to be replaced for a long time,” Davis said. “We are grateful to the State of New Jersey for providing the majority of the funding needed to complete this important project.”

Multi-million-dollar upgrade

Grade Construction is the building contractor for the $2.6 million project. The state’s i-bank, or infrastructure bank, is providing $2.15 million for the bridge. The rest of the funding comes from City of Bayonne municipal bonds.

PRC Group, developer of the former St. Joseph’s Syriac Catholic Cathedral on Avenue E, will pay $600,000 toward the replacement bridge. On the other side of the bridge on Prospect Avenue, TFG 117-121 Prospect Ave Renewal LLC will contribute $250,000.

The existing bridge will be removed and replaced by the new one that complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The current bridge has a steep walkway over the freight and Light Rail tracks.

The replacement bridge will have an elevator on each side and steps on both sides that will lead to a flatter walkway than the one on the current bridge.

During the project, the existing bridge will be closed to pedestrian traffic, so that the current span can be demolished, along with its approaches and abutments. Work zones will be established on both side of the bridge.

“We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience that will result from demolition and construction,” Davis said. “When the new bridge is completed, it will be a great asset for our community, especially for our East Side residents.”

New bridges this year

Completion of the bridge project is expected at the end of 2021 or in early 2022. The city is also constructing two new pedestrian bridges to allow residents to cross major thoroughfares more safely.

The two new bridges will cross Route 440 at 22nd Street and 34th Street, corresponding to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail stations on both streets. These are not to be confused with the aforementioned pedestrian crossings, which go over the Light Rail.

Funding for those bridges will come from private developers, state grants, and the city’s bonds. The city has not yet approved design for those bridges.

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