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Need Details On Low-No Transit Program


Dear Editor:

Re: “More Federal Transit Administration Funding,” Larry Penner. The author omits a number of key details in his support of the “Low-NO” program.
The author neglects to tell us how many buses are going to be replaced. No timeline is provided for the replacement of the buses. Nor does he provide any details as to the infrastructure change necessary to support a fleet of Low-No buses.
But in an opinion piece published in Mass Transit magazine on 12/11/2020, the author feels it could be decades before NYC’s fleet becomes electric. While the details in this letter are too voluminous for this letter, the author mentions in the Mass Transit opinion piece at least half a dozen reasons as to why proponents of this project need a reality check.
Admittedly the NJT fleet/area covered might not be as large and sprawling as New York City’s. But how is it that when the author is in favor of a project no pesky details are needed and when he is against a project the devil is in the details?

Nat Weiner

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