Jersey City increases municipal employee minimum wage

Mayor cites financial need and show of appreciation.

Jersey City will be increasing the minimum wage for municipal employees from $15 to $17 an hour, which will go into effect on August 23.

The minimum wage increase will affect 400 city employees, including parking enforcement and crossing guards, according to a statement.

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Setting a good example

“Prioritizing workers and families most impacted by the pandemic, we’re increasing the minimum wage not only to show our appreciation to our dedicated employees, but I hope our efforts will also encourage other leaders on all levels of government to make the same considerations for their low-wage workforce,” said Mayor Steve Fulop in a statement.  “We are raising salaries for hundreds of hardworking residents and community members to provide their families with a financial boost during these uncertain times and for future planning.”

The city increased the minimum wage to $15 in 2016. The city’s new minimum wage is $5 above New Jersey state’s wage at $12.