Internet for the Cuban People Advisory Committee Resolution

Dear Editor:

The active members of the Advisory Committee to the N.J. Center for Hispanic Policy, Research & Development (heaquarteed in Trenton) have issued a statement informing about its Resolution. Submitted to the governor through the Center’s executive director, it urges Gov. Phil Murphy to join with so many other voices in our Garden State (especially from Hudson County), who are urgently requesting President Joe Biden to mobilize the necessary resources of the Federal Government to provide the people of Cuba access to the Internet.

As it is known, the Cuban government blocks such access to ordinary citizens. We believe that unimpeded free information is essential for the much-desired open society. Signed by: Lydia Valencia (Lakewood):Chair; Prof. Roland Alum (West New York):Vice Chair; Clarisa González-Lenahan (Elizabeth); Elis Sosa (Jersey City); Kathy Monteiro (Westfield); David Jiménez (Wanaque); Luis Rodríguez (Marlboro); Reuben Torres (New Brunswick); Rich Valdés (Ridgefield Park).

Roland Alum