Honest Conversation


Dear Editor:

Let’s have an honest conversation about mask requirements and the scientific truthfulness behind them. City journalist Jeff Anderson and mainstream newscaster Kaylee White provide great substance here:

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In a time when many opinions are based on questionable understandings, my opinion is that the general public can do their own homework which includes studying the many medical studies that have, ironically enough, “controlled groups”

It’s key that such trials exist, otherwise the information appears to be unreliable. However, comparing one variable group to a controlled group is what determines how effective the variable is. Several trials are better than one, a few or less.

Anderson’s conclusion is that masks are either not very useful or useless. Furthermore, statistical significant evidence says that wearing masks is counter productive and a poor way of preventing penetration of particles. Keeping clean hands seems to be the most beneficial thing to do. That and staying positive. We are sure that it is good for the brain and heart. Remember, with no controlled group, a study is simply speculation.

James Francis Waddleton