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North Bergen Resident Parking is a mess


Dear Editor:

I just want to point out that living in North Bergen for the past 28 years has changed.

Up until three years ago, you were able to find parking on the street given any time of day,  if you don’t own a house with parking. Today, however, its gotten ridiculously out of control. I live in a building with 20 other families, and 19 of those families have cars which they struggle to find parking. Being situated between two churches, in the race track section of town, people can’t move their cars on a Sunday morning because out of towners come and scoop every spot available. They even park illegally on the yellow lines and block the fire hydrant.

As a resident here this situation has definitely filled me with doubt and anger towards the town’s politics. I feel that permit parking should be stricter and enforced seven days a week.

The fact is there is no true benefit to living here anymore, rents are too expensive, parking is horrible and taxes are through the roof. All for nothing. I hope Town Hall reads this and does something productive for the residents of North Bergen.

Arnaldo Martinez

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