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End mass detention now

Dear Editor: As a citizen, as the adult child of two immigrants who sought political asylum in the US, and as a licensed clinical social...

50 Years of Space and Woodstock

Dear Editor: The 1960s represented a decade of contradictions. It was an era of equality and enlightenment. But, it also was a time haunted by...

Scooters, but no helmets?

Dear Editor: While "Hoboken officials debate e-scooter referendum" (The Reporter, July 11), here's an irony: while little 3-year-olds wearing big hot plastic helmets scoot along...

Columbus and Neil Armstrong, explorers

Dear Editor: About a month or so ago, a letter to The Reporter discussed why Columbus Day should continue to be observed as a holiday....

Where were the anti-SID voices?

Dear Editor: On the night of July 10 Councilwoman T. Fisher made a Freudian slip and called the SID a "tax." She was right. The...

The “Law Makers” are “Breaking the Law”!

Dear Editor: Dear Attorney General William Barr: We are a nation of Laws, but no one would know it, considering the very alarming fact that our...

Let’s legalize cannabis the right way

Dear Editor: After my mother was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1991, I did some research and discovered cannabis could be an effective treatment to...

A closer look at workplace bullying

Dear Editor: I hope that you and your readers will take an interest in a social problem that does not receive enough attention in our...

Border tragedies used by Dems in a fake crisis?

Dear Editor: Recently we saw a terrible tragedy. A father and his daughter died during an attempt to come to the United States. It’s terrible,...

Independent voters want the right to vote in NJ’s 2020 presidential primaries

Dear Editor: Last month, 7.7 percent of New Jersey voters went to the polls to vote in party primaries that were, for the most part,...
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