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Biden is unfit to be president

Dear Editor: Anyone looking at Vice President Joseph Biden can see he does not have the cognitive abilities to be the next President of the...

Nick Sacco Jr. Needs a New Line of Work

Dear Editor: Not long ago, Nick Sacco Jr. defended what many considered to be a racially insensitive post on Facebook about abolitionist Harriet Tubman. At that...

Columbus Symbolizes Hope

Dear Editor: Mario Tagliabue (June 23) is totally missing the point about Christopher Columbus. The voyages of Christopher Columbus represent a tremendous human achievement. His...

Open Letter to Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise

Dear Editor: Dear Hudson County Executive DeGise: At a press conference on 10-24-16, you took a recommendation from members of the community suggesting that the North...

Farewell, Maestro

Dear Editor: On July 6, 2020, the world bid a fond farewell to Ennio Morricone, the “Maestro of all Maestros.” Ennio Morricone composed over 400...

Federal Funding for Portal Bridge Is Not A Done Deal

Dear Editor: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was incorrect when he recently said, "The Portal Bridge has been granted official permission by the Federal Transit...

North Bergen’s temporary classrooms are dangerous

Dear Editor: Since 2001, long before there was the coronavirus, North Bergen has been schooling hundreds of preschool students in unsafe modular classrooms (Temporary Classroom...

The Korean War – a little history

Dear Editor: Mr. Di Genio (Reporter, June 18) accuses North Korea of being a rogue state, of having a large standing army, of possessing weapons...

Italian Heritage has Outgrown the Columbus Myth

Dear Editor: I respectfully disagree with Albert J. Cupo and John Di Genio (18 June 2020). Governor Murphy is correct; statues honoring Christopher Columbus should...

Hudson County-Remove Columbus Tributes NOW!

Dear Editor: Dear Lawmakers and Regulators of Hudson County: In light of recent events, we the citizens of Hudson County due hereby decree our support for...
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