Union City Letters

From Civic Duty to Feeding Frenzy

Dear Editor: What has become of us? I have read with a mixture of disgust and exasperation some of the letters and opinion pieces in this...

With support, New Jersey’s farmers can deliver climate solutions

Dear Editor: In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty was everywhere. Would the virus spread, and where? What did this mean for day-to-day...

60th Anniversary of the Olympic Games in Rome

Dear Editor: August 25th marks the 60th anniversary of the start of the XVII Olympiad held in Rome, Italy. The summer Olympics of 1960 gave...

Honor the American Worker on Labor Day

Dear Editor: The labor movement has striven to improve working conditions, to create workplace democracy, and to actively participate in labor-management decision-making. The many benefits,...

Pandering For Votes As A Strategy Is Morally Wrong

Dear Editor: A lot of conservative-Republicans tell me that Democrats pander to minority groups, and not because they genuinely care about these people, but because...

Report North Bergen Abuse to the NJ Attorney General

Dear Editor: How is it that after voters approved a $65 million school bond in a special referendum that officials PROMISED BEFOREHAND would end overcrowding...

The Priest of All Priests

Dear Editor: It is a shame that the Holy Rosary Feast has been cancelled this year. The feast would have been the perfect opportunity to...

Protest the destruction of Braddock Park

Dear Editor: The baseball fields in Braddock Park, on Riverview Drive near Boulevard East, are having their natural grass removed, and reliable information says that...

Portland Riots

Dear Editor: It is unsettling to watch these spoiled, rich, arrogant, ignorant brats defacing, rioting, looting and destroying property in Portland for no purpose other...

Response To Bernie Schmernie

Dear Editor: First and foremost the response to my letter concerning Bernie Sanders was a great critique that previously I have considered and duly appreciated....
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