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Jersey City Honors Late Councilman Michael Yun with Bronze Statue

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A new statue honoring late Councilman Michael Yun has been placed outside his former office at 366 Central Avenue, symbolizing his lasting impact on Jersey City.

Key Takeaways
  • A bronze statue of Michael Yun has been erected at the corner of Central Avenue and Bowers Street.
  • Michael Yun served as a councilman for Jersey City’s Ward D.
  • City officials and community members came together for the statue unveiling, celebrating Yun’s inspiring life and enduring values.

Celebrating a Dedicated Public Servant

Michael Yun, originally from South Korea, made significant contributions to Jersey City after moving there in 1980. He was elected to the City Council in 2013 and re-elected in 2017, representing Ward D.

His commitment to community service and local governance profoundly impacted the area, particularly the Heights, where he played a key part in various initiatives.​

Michael Yun has been commemorated with a bronze statue at the corner of Central Avenue and Bowers Street.

This location holds special significance as it stands outside his old office and the place of his business, Garden State News.

The statue honors his memory and marks the fourth anniversary of his passing on April 6, 2020, due to complications from COVID-19.

Michael Yun’s Impactful Legacy in Jersey City

Yun’s influence extended beyond politics. He was a co-founder of Jersey City’s first Special Improvement District.

He worked tirelessly on various projects, including establishing Jersey City as an Urban Enterprise Zone and creating the Everything Jersey City Festival.

His advocacy for affordable housing and school funding also marked significant aspects of his tenure on the council. Additionally, Yun worked very hard to preserve local landmarks and support small business owners throughout the city​.

His political journey was marked by his independent stance, often aligning with conservative principles but always putting the needs of his community first.

His dedication was evident in his work ethic and the relationships he built across the political spectrum, making his office a hub for community activists and local organizations.

Reminder of Yun’s Legacy for Generations to Come

Yun’s family, friends, and the Jersey City Council supported the decision to erect a statue in his honor. It serves as a reminder of his contributions and the impact he had on the local community.

The ceremony was a poignant moment for many, attended by city officials, community members, and Yun’s family, reflecting the deep respect and admiration he garnered throughout his career​.

Reflections from the Community and Leaders

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and Ward D Councilman Yousef Saleh, among others, spoke highly of Yun at the unveiling.

They highlighted his role as a councilman and a community beacon who achieved the American Dream and inspired others to do the same.

His legacy encourages future generations to engage with and contribute meaningfully to the community.

A Lasting Tribute to a Beloved Leader

Michael Yun’s bronze statue stands as a memorial and an inspiration. It symbolizes the enduring spirit of public service and community advocacy he championed.

For Jersey City, it is a permanent representation of a man who served with passion and dedication, embodying the values he lived by. This tribute ensures that his memory and contributions will continue influencing the community for years to come.

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