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NY Mets: Will Pete Alonso Stay for Season?

pete alonso

David Stearns, Mets president, signals Pete Alonso is likely to stay for the season opener. Discover the future of the Mets’ power hitter and team plans.

Key Takeaways
  • Mets President David Stearns hints at no trades for Pete Alonso, expecting him to be the opening day first baseman.
  • Despite Alonso’s contract nearing its end and trade interests, the Mets view him as a core team player.
  • Agent Scott Boras and Stearns, both new to Alonso’s contract discussions, are open to talks about his future with the team.

Mets Eye Opening Day With Pete Alonso, Stearns Confirms

You’re in for a treat this season with the Mets. David Stearns, the new honcho of baseball operations, gave a nod to the fans. He’s pretty much betting on Pete Alonso to be their man at first base when the games kick off. Alonso’s not just any player; he’s the kind of slugger that gets you on your feet, and Stearns can’t wait to see him smash balls out of the park this year.

The ‘Polar Bear’ Poised to Roar

Alonso, known as the ‘Polar Bear’ for his mighty swings, is something special. Even his agent, Scott Boras, knows the winter’s not for sleeping — it’s for chatting about what’s next. Alonso’s got him on speed dial to listen in on any juicy offers that might come their way.

Trade Winds Quiet for Alonso

Now, here’s the scoop: Alonso’s making some serious green, and he’s got an even heftier payday coming up. But money talk aside, it’s his knack for hitting homers and stepping up his game on the field that’s got everyone talking. Boras can’t stop bragging about it, and why would he? The guy’s a defensive dynamo on the rise.

Stearns and Boras: The New Kids on the Block

Stearns and Boras are the new kids in Alonso’s corner, each bringing their own brand of smarts to the table. Stearns might be fresh to the Mets, but he’s catching up fast. And Boras? He’s already gabbing about the big league moves you can make in the Big Apple.

The Verdict’s In: Alonso’s Sticking Around

Trading Alonso would be a bombshell move for Stearns, but he’s playing it cool. He knows a power player like Alonso is gold, and he’s not about to let that slip away. As for Alonso, lacing up for the Mets on opening day looks like a done deal. Stay tuned, this season’s gonna be one to watch.

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