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Rangers Triumph in Games Amid Questionable Officiating Decisions

Dive into how the New York Rangers are overcoming suspect officiating in divisional games. Discover key moments, decisions, and impacts on the team’s performance.

Key Takeaways
  • The New York Rangers secured victories against the Columbus Blue Jackets and New Jersey Devils, facing ambiguous officiating decisions.
  • Incidents involving players like Will Cuylle and Ryan Lindgren raised questions about replay reviews and penalty assessments.
  • Despite questionable calls, the Rangers demonstrated determination and skill, consistently prevailing in challenging scenarios.

Questionable Decisions in Recent Games Raise Eyebrows

The New York Rangers have been on a winning streak in their recent divisional games, but it’s not just their skill on the ice that’s catching attention. Fans and players alike have noticed a series of dubious officiating decisions that have left many scratching their heads.

In a recent game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, a critical moment came when Will Cuylle’s shot appeared to cross the goal line, only to be declared a no-goal after a lengthy review. Similarly, Ryan Lindgren experienced a high hit from Sean Kuraly, which was initially given a five-minute penalty, then reduced to two minutes. Lindgren had to leave the game and only returned for practice days later.

Controversy Continues Against New Jersey

The Rangers’ game against the New Jersey Devils also had its share of controversial calls. A shot by Jack Hughes was initially stopped, but the puck slowly crossed the goal line after the whistle. Despite the goal horn sounding, the play was initially called dead. After a brief review, the decision was reversed, and the goal was allowed.

Another questionable moment involved Lindgren once again, who received a high hit from Michael McLeod. Initially assessed as a five-minute major, the penalty was then completely rescinded after a short review.

Broader Concerns and Team Responses

These incidents have raised broader concerns about the consistency and clarity of officiating in the league. For instance, the inconsistency in handling high hits, especially in comparison to the strict protocols around concussion health, has been a topic of debate. Players like Jimmy Vesey have expressed frustration but acknowledged the need to move forward despite the questionable calls.

Coach Laviolette, commenting on the controversies, particularly the overturned goal against New Jersey, suggested that while he agreed with the decision, there was room for discussion about the consistency of such rulings.

Rangers’ Determination Undeterred by Challenges

Despite these officiating hurdles, the Rangers have shown remarkable resilience. They’ve managed to maintain focus and secure wins, demonstrating that their success isn’t solely dependent on favorable calls. This attitude of perseverance is a testament to the team’s strength and ability to adapt to any situation on the ice.