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New York Jets Trade Rumors ➤ Kirk Cousins to Replace Aaron Rodgers?

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Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum thinks the team should trade for Vikings QB Kirk Cousins after Aaron Rodgers’ injury. Could this be the Jets’ next big move?

Key Takeaways
  • Former New York Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum believes a trade for Kirk Cousins could help the team.
  • Aaron Rodgers, recently acquired by the Jets, suffered a season-ending Achilles tear.
  • Kirk Cousins is showing strong performance this season, even though the Vikings are struggling.

Kirk Cousins as the New Hope for the New York Jets After Aaron Rodgers’ Injury?

The New York Jets are facing a big problem. Aaron Rodgers, their newly acquired quarterback, just got a season-ending injury. So, what’s next for the Jets? Mike Tannenbaum, who used to be the general manager for the Jets, has an idea. He thinks the Jets should think about trading for Kirk Cousins, the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

Why Does Tannenbaum Think Cousins is the Right Fit?

Tannenbaum shared his thoughts on ESPN’s Get Up. He said that a trade for Cousins “makes a lot of sense” for the Jets. This comes after Rodgers got injured in the Jets’ first game of the season, a 22-16 win over the Buffalo Bills. Rodgers tore his Achilles and won’t be playing for the rest of the year.

Before the season started, the Jets had big plans. They traded for 39-year-old Rodgers in hopes of making it to the playoffs for the first time in 12 years. Zach Wilson, who took over for Rodgers, managed to secure a win, but many people don’t think he’s the long-term answer for the team.

Cousins’ Performance and Contract Situation

Kirk Cousins may have his critics, but he’s been playing really well. He’s been in the Pro Bowl four times and has strong stats for the past two seasons. This year, he’s already thrown for 708 yards and six touchdowns in just two games. However, the Vikings haven’t won yet this season.

If the Vikings keep losing, they might think about trading Cousins. His contract ends after this season, and if things don’t improve, the Vikings might want to draft a new quarterback.

What Should the Jets Offer for Cousins?

Tannenbaum suggests the Jets should offer a third-round draft pick for Cousins, especially if the Vikings start the season with more losses. Cousins could give the Jets a real chance to win games and maybe even make it to the Super Bowl.

Cousins might have his weak points, but he’s a solid quarterback who could really help the Jets. With Rodgers out, Cousins could be the experienced player the Jets need to keep their playoff hopes alive. 

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